Report – DS Automobiles to deliver hybrid SUV in 2018, flagship sports car afterwards image

The brand not long ago was still a subsidiary of Citroen, but the upscale marquee is now looking to make a name for itself when it starts the next step in its development.

A completely new product range could start appearing as of 2018 and the latest rumor flying off the mill also brings word of an all-new product. The first all-new model in the next DS wave could be a hybrid SUV, this time using a petrol-electric powertrain instead of the PSA Peugeot Citroen’s group diesel-electric technology. According to the company’s sales and marketing chief Arnaud Ribault, a ‘second wave’ of new models should start coming to life within two years – hinting that an SUV would spearhead the advancements.

“In the second wave of products, we will have a product to cover the most important segments of the premium market – SUV and sedan from B to D segment,” the executive commented. “We have continued to develop electric and hybrid-electric powertrains, as we believe in this for high performance cars, and for 4x4s as well.” The gasoline powertrain comes from the fact that DS sales are more global now, with the world gradually changing its direction away from diesel engines. Additionally, DS Performance Xavier Mestelan Pinon added the entire range of DS models could get the Performance treatment. And even a halo sports car model could be on the roster, with the possible preview for it being the electric DS E-Tense concept.