Report – DS compact electric SUV coming in 2018 image

DS Automobiles, the luxury automaker that looks to set itself further apart from its Citroen roots, is seemingly ready not only to assault the SU segment, but allegedly also kicking off its EV efforts.

The brand just unveiled their flagship SUV – the DS 7 Crossback this year – but they’re not stopping there, because according to the latest rumors there are three more crossovers coming, including a “baby” SUV for 2018, also up for derivation in a fully-electric powertrain version from the very beginning. Stéphane Le Guével, the British unit’s chief, has seemingly confirmed the introduction of a subcompact, B segment SUV that will fend off against models such as the Audi Q2 and Mini Countryman, among others. The executive hinted the DS model roster will include six families in Europe, four of them being of the SUV/crossover variety.

The other two SUVs that are coming in 2019 and 2020, because the company previously stated they will launch a model every year, will include one model that is only offered as a hybrid, with no conventional alternatives, as alleged by DS UK development chief Arnaud Leclerc. The introduction of the small SUV might also signal the retirement of the DS3 supermini, “The [small car] market is going towards small SUVs rather than three doors. So there will be a different offering [than the DS3],” hinted Le Guével.

Via Autocar