Report – Electric Maserati Alfieri will arrive in 2020 image

The Italian marquee has allegedly officially confirmed the introduction of a green Alfieri model in 2020, swiftly following the traditional internal combustion engine version.

Maserati has apparently signed off on a strategic move to introduce a battery-operated version of the highly anticipated two-seat sports car Alfieri – tipped for an introduction in 2020. The rumors have been spinning the mill since summer but its looks Maserati has now actually confirmed the battery-operated model is in the works and will represent the second powertrain version of the Alfieri – to be marketed just a year after the twin-turbo petrol V6 version makes its debut in 2019. The Alfieri concept has been around since 2019 and that one had a V8 and a production date that has already passed – with the company citing pressure from the emissions and fuel economy regulations.

This is why the V6 version is now in the works, and this is also most likely why there’s an electric version being considered. As the Maserati two-seat compact sportscar hits the market, the EU fleet average CO2 limits will be of 95g/km. The electric Maserati Alfieri is also most likely the first bearer of a new, electrically capable Maserati chassis. But before all of this happens, we’re getting the next generation GranTurismo and GranCabrio models in 2018.

Via Autocar