The Environmental Protection Agency has now released additional details to Bolt’s EV range, with the battery-operated hatchback able to last for 255 miles in the city, 217 miles on the highway, and 238 miles combined.

Media took a good look at the government agency’s detailed numbers and uncovered the exact ratings – it was able to perform best inside cities, where it went for 255 miles (410 km), while only lasting 217 miles (349 km) on the highway. This is because the Bolt’s aerodynamics actually pay tribute to utility – thus it’s spacious for the people inside and only has a not so good Cd of 0.32. At low speeds this is actually irrelevant – but it becomes an issue at highway velocities – and for example a Tesla Model S carries a Cd of 0.24.

Anyways, either EPA estimate is actually better than what Chevrolet announced when it introduced the production version Bolt earlier this year, the Bowtie saying its electric hatchback would go for at least 200 miles (322 km) on a charge. And after the first media drives there were reports that even EPA’s 238-mile estimate is underrated, with careful drivers managing up to 290 miles (467 km). More importantly is whether Bolt’s major competitor – the Tesla Model 3, which is in the same price range – will be able to surpass its internal estimate of more than 215 miles (346 km) on a charge.

Via Inside EVs


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