Report – EPA to lower sulfur limits in fuel image

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to fight smog caused by automobiles and according to people briefed on the matter, it intends to propose new rules that would, among others, cut the level of gasoline sulfur by two-thirds.

The new rules should be out tomorrow, with the EPA poised to follow the set of rules it proposed last year – which include cutting down tailpipe emissions and lowering the allowed gasoline sulfur from 30 parts per million to 10.

“This is the most significant move to protect public health that the EPA will make this year,” said Frank O’Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch. “There is literally no more effective tool to fight smog. Every American will breathe easier because of these standards.”

Smog is among the causes linked to asthma, lung cancer and heart disease and the new regulation could be among President Barack Obama’s administration most important environmental strives.

Automakers number among the most vocal supporters of the regulation, as cleaner fuels lower their costs, while the oil industry has been a detractor – facing a move that would bring billions of dollars of investment costs.

Via Bloomberg