Report – EU legislators close to changing emissions testing procedures image

The fuel consumption and emissions tests have been for years the subject of much debate – the carmakers boasting ever more impressive figures – ones that owners then failed to achieve during normal usage.

Many detractors say the EU tests in place today are obsolete and have many loopholes that allow the automakers to post impressive fuel standards. The European Union legislators now aim to prepare a new draft legislation that would take vehicles out of the lab testing environment and into the streets.

Last year, EU research showed how lab testing techniques – such as taping the car’s doors and windows or driving on incredibly smooth surfaces – was actually responsible for almost a third in the drop of the average CO2 emissions, which go hand in hand with fuel consumption. Also, the European Commission, the executive arm of the Union, warns that under current testing methods the level of nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions is even further from the truth than CO2 levels. The NOX emissions are linked to lung diseases and favor early deaths in such cases.

While a slightly tougher emissions and fuel testing procedure will become mandatory since September 1, according to an EU official, which reported under condition of anonymity, the regulators could also prepare a much tougher, “real-world testing method”, by the year’s end.

Via Automotive News Europe