Report – EU to put the auto emissions into the carbon trading market image

The European Union has decided to allow easy access of road transport emissions into the carbon trading market, much to the dislike of critics that claim the move is allowing unwilling automakers to fight against more stringent greenhouse gasses standards.

At the end of the week, EU leaders are scheduled to meet in Brussels to debate the concerted energy policy for 2030, a plan that would also incorporate the strategy for dropping EU-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 40% when compared to 1990 levels.

A draft of the EU 2030 climate and energy package, seen by Reuters, introduces the possibility for individual member states to incorporate road transport in the EU ETS. The Emissions Trading System – a combined effort to cut emissions, has so far implicated just the heavy industry and power sector. Around 12,000 power plants, factories and airlines had to pay for each ton of CO2 emitted, while also gradually decreasing the allowed emission limits.

Because transport is Europe’s second biggest source of pollution and the fastest-growing, detractors view the inclusion of cars into the ETS would cut costs for the industry but have a negligible impact of just 1% on actually cutting down the overall emissions (not just form transport) by 2030.

Via Automotive News Europe