Report – European Genesis rollout will be slow and small image

Hyundai established Genesis as its own premium brand after elevating the moniker to company status – but so far it hasn’t arrived in Europe as well.

That’s about to slowly change – because according to the latest report the South Koreans are preparing to drop the anchor on the Old Continent – with the UK, Germany, and Switzerland being the first to get the luxury brand. Hyundai initially wanted to reach the entire world in one take with the Genesis premium subsidiary, but we all know that was cancelled and it’s mostly active at home and in America for now. But before 2020 the Genesis moniker will also arrive in Europe – in limited form at the very beginning. That’s because at first only three markets will be serviced – the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland, with only one boutique showroom in each, situated in London, Munich, and Zurich respectively.

“To launch a premium brand in Europe is a challenge and it’s an even bigger challenge if you don’t have the products you need for the market,” commented previously Hyundai Europe Chief Operating Officer Thomas Schmid about the decision to delay entry on the continent. The process of acquiring cars will also be atypical – exclusive online sales through direct marketing will circumvent the usual dealer experience. “We can do multi-vehicle arrangements with a sedan in summer and a SUV in winter,” explains brand chief Manfred Fitzgerald. “We also provide free loan cars, collect-and-deliver maintenance, and a variety of tailor-made user models.”

Via Automobile Magazine