The company’s secret pet automotive project – the one everybody knows about – nicknamed “Project Titan”, has been brought up to speed by placing at its helm long-time executive Bob Mansfield.

The move is only another report flying off the rumor mill, but since the days of Steve Jobs got behind, the Apple secrets tend to be mysteries known by everyone. The top executive has been working with Apple since 1999 and he stepped down from Apple’s executive board in 2013, keeping in touch with the company through special projects. One of those was the well known Apple Watch. But now, according to unnamed company insiders, he is in charge of the upcoming autonomous, electric-car project. Mansfield worked for Apple since 1999 and was a close top executive of Steve Jobs – he stepped down from the company’s executive team but actually only reported to CEO Tim Cook on those special projects.

According to the sources, Apple employees only took notice of the change sometimes this month through the company directory – and now all senior mangers on Project Titan are directly responsible in front of Mansfield. Apple has recently made interesting moves that should support its upcoming car project – hired Sinisa Durekovic, who worked on Harman’s navigation system, while also investing one billion dollars in Chinese ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing.

Via The Wall Street Journal


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