Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne not long ago delivered a nuke when the announced the company has plans to retire the slow selling Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart sedans.

Letting go of a certain segment is not out of the ordinary – we should all remember how Nissan paved the way for the current crossover rise with its decision to not bring to Europe a replacement for the Almera compact and instead opt to deliver the Qashqai crossover/SUV. But FCA is not actually in the process of delivering anything in return for its abandonment of the mid-size sedan market in the US, leaving many in shock. If people were careful to read between the lines Marchionne’s statement, they would have also understood the hint that successor models could be on their way if the carmaker would be successful in its exploration for partnership opportunities to “address compact and midsize car segments.”

Ad most recently the frank chief executive was asked how that latter search was going, to which Marchionne replied “There are discussions going on now. I think we will find a solution.” Of course the manager decided not to clear up the mystery and say which partners are in view, only hinting it’s a manufacturer with spare capacity and added “We’re not going to make the car. We’re not the guys who are going to do the manufacturing of the car.” FCA decided earlier this year to finish off the production of the 200 and Dart to concentrate on SUVs, crossovers and trucks as the company believes the low gas prices are here to stay and the interest of consumers towards these segments is a “permanent shift in demand.”

Via Motor Trend


  1. “… the company believes the low gas prices are here to stay….”

    What are they drinking over there at FCA? That’s a bet for destined failure.


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