Report – federal prosecutors investigate company lawyers on GM ignition recall image

According to a person that has knowledge of the investigations’ proceedings, US federal prosecutors have found that GM’s lawyers were involved in strategic meetings that dealt with information on vehicles with problems.

According to the source, the US Department of Justice prosecutors asked the company to disclose why lawyers attended the meetings, what was their implication in the proceedings and what they subsequently did with the information shared during the meetings.

Hit by universal critique and several federal probes, General Motors back in June released the report of an internal review in which it acknowledged that for 11 years the company turned its back to an ignition-switch problem that has so far claimed the lives of 13 innocent people (according to company statistics, claims for related deaths are far higher). The report said the company’s top executives were unaware of the issue, using as scapegoats low-level employees. Just 15 people, among them lower-level engineers and lawyers were fired for their involvement in a safety debacle that has led to millions of recalled vehicles.

According to another report from sources that talked to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department is now looking to investigate more people from the carmaker’s legal unit for the alleged concealing of critical information.

Via Reuters