Report – Ferrari has decided the open-top limited series LaFerrari should be named “Aperta” image

The Italian exotic manufacturer usually calls its drop-top models “Spider”, but in few cases has also gone down the “Aperta” road – and that seems to be the case with the LaFerrari open-top.

The name isn’t official just yet, but aside from reports coming from the British media that cites Ferrari insiders, it appears hints towards the reality of the moniker also come from the Prancing Horse’s official webpage. The roofless Ferrari LaFerrari will be presented in front of the wide audience – with all examples probably already sold out – during the Paris Motor Show this fall. The rumors are supported by the Ferrari online announcement of the model, which includes photos of the model and the lead image shows the file to be named “laferrari-aperta-news.”

We can think of no reason of escaping such a hint unless they want to, especially since the other images of the hypercar read in the file name things such as “limited-edition-special-series”. Of course, no matter the name this is a thing to behold. The lucky owners will get the LaFerrari open-top with about the same performance as the coupe (and increased beauty, according to our opinion) because Ferrari is known to rework the aerodynamics in order not to sacrifice the drag coefficient while the carbon fiber tub was modified to keep up with the same level of rigidity. The heart of the hypercar is of course the hybrid system that packs a V12 and electric motor for a total output of 963 horsepower and 900 Newton-meters of torque.

Via Autocar, Ferrari