Report – Ferrari to use hybridization as means of increasing performance image

According to FCA CEO and CEO and Chairman of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne, upcoming mainstream models will also become hybrid in order to maximize performance.

The latest rumor off the mill puts Ferrari models produced after 2019 into hybrid territory, used as a means to boost performance, according to brand CEO Marchionne. He was quoted while speaking at a conference call with investors, with the boss explaining that mixing the combustion engine with an electric motor will not only improve efficiency but also make the cars quicker. For now, the only standard Ferrari to use a hybrid powertrain is the LaFerrari – together with its roadster sibling Aperta – but it appears the F12’s new generation slated for arrival at the turn of the decade will become the first mainstream model to use a hybrid powertrain as well.

According to previous rumors, Ferrari has a patented technology that allows its electrified model architecture to go for about 30 miles in electric mode. This patented platform could be used for anything from the flagship F12 successor to the entry-level models due to its flexibility. “Although I neither commit to this nor do I give any sort of certification of it being our objective, it is possible that the [annual sales] number could be well in excess of 10,000 cars in 2025,” added Marchionne, in relation to the “fundamental shift” that should be expected in the company’s strategy in the years to come.

Via Autocar