According to a Volkswagen manager, quoted during a recent automotive summit, the German company is looking to put its first standalone electric car at odds with the Tesla Model 3.

Apparently, the all-electric I.D. hatchback, the first to reach production series status around 2020, which is a compact hatchback (thus better compared to the Chevy Bolt/Opel Ampera-e, actually) the size of a Golf, is going to be cheaper than the Tesla Model 3. The latter is a sedan – and apart from the fact they’re both electric cars with long range, they don’t suffer a true comparison. But of course the Model 3 is in the spotlight right now with its impending first deliveries so VW is not missing the opportunity to take a jab.

Thomas Sedran, Head of Group Strategy at Volkswagen Group, commented during the Automobil Forum in Munich the ID would be priced up to $8,000 lower than the Model 3, which is targeting a base price of $35,000. That is only if the VW representative is talking about the starting price, and not another quotation – Musk for example also announced the average selling price for the reservations of $42,000, because that would make the ID’s price virtually identical. And let’s not forget about the time constraint – Model 3 deliveries start this month and the ID has only been presented in concept form so far, with interested people having to wait until around 2020 for the real deal to arrive.



  1. So at that price still not a car for the ‘volk’ in volkswagen. And in europe the price will be a lot higher then in the usa as usual. Still only a concept?? Is vw even serious about ev’s? Scared for their ice sales?
    There’s another company that doesn’t have all these issues, i rather give them my money because vw doesn’t seem to want it.


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