Report – Ford board seeks to know Mulally’s plans image

As speculation intensifies that he may be offered the job of CEO at Microsoft, Reuters has found that Ford’s board of directors plans to press Chief Executive Alan Mulally soon for a decision on his future.

According to several sources close to the technology giant, Mulally, 68, is one of a handful of candidates still in contention for the Microsoft role and he has not tried to dispel talk that he is interested in the job.

It looks now that has begun to vex some on Ford’s board, two sources told Reuters this week, and the issue will be discussed when the board meets in the Detroit area today. Mulally is a board member but it is not clear if he will attend the board meeting. The sources said that directors intended to raise the issue with him this week or next.

“It’s drowning out the rest of the story,” said one source close to Ford’s board. “People don’t write about Mustang, they don’t write about earnings, they write about Mulally.”

Microsoft declined comment on the progress of its CEO search, and a Ford spokesman repeated earlier statements that Mulally is slated to stay as Ford CEO through 2014, although it emerged in September that the board would be open to him leaving earlier than that.

Via Reuters