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Apparently the union building the Ford Flex has spilled the beans on the model’s demise, triggered by the automaker’s desire to focus on the Edge and Lincoln MKX sport utility vehicles.

The quirky yet fashionable Flex seven-seat crossover SUV will be axed when the decade ends, if we are to believe information provided by the Canadian auto workers union Unifor. This comes amid negotiations between the company and the union to “secure its Canadian manufacturing footprint and reinforce the economic pattern established with General Motors.” Unifor has also confirmed the Flex will be retired come 2020. Deliveries for the model have increased 13.1 percent in the first nine months of this year, but the model’s overall appeal has been steadily declining over the past years.

Instead, Ford will devote its attention to the smaller Edge and Lincoln MKX SUVs, which should get a refresh in the coming years to keep them relevant and will move to form a core part of the company’s crossover family. It’s still an unknown the fate of the Lincoln MKT, which is based on the same architecture used inside the Ford Flex. Introduced back in 2009, the Flex has been made available in six or seven seat configurations, with an unconventional design and powerful powertrains.

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  • Thinker

    As a Flex owner, I understand the business decision, but don’t believe it is because Ford wants to concentrate on the Edge which is in an entirely different segment. The real problem is that the Flex and Explorer models are too similar in size and function … and that the Explorer is supported by much more marketing effort.

    Think of the Explorer as Flex Lite or Flex Sporty. Regardless, 2020 will offer a great opportunity for customers who want to purchase a vehicle with great utility, comfort, and room at far less cost than a comparable Explorer. Why? Because Ford will offer significant discounts to purge dealer inventories.

    The same thing just happened last month when I purchased a 2016 Taurus SHO that had over $9,000 in factory incentives. I know the vehicle will not be produced much longer, but I didn’t care. A 365hp AWD full-sized car loaded with goodies, included heated and air conditioned leather seats, for just over $30K. Since I keep my vehicles for quite awhile, it was a steal.