The second largest automaker has confirmed via the voice of its CEO, Mark Fields, it has a habit of buying rival automaker’s models for tear downs – and Tesla’s vehicles were also on the “grocery” list.

We already know Tesla’s Model S has been torn down and then put back together by Ford engineers to reveal its secrets and according to the latest report the same case goes for the Model X crossovers. According to the rumor Ford was among the first Model X buyers and in order to get the prime time earlier than others the Blue Oval shelled another $55,000 over the model’s original sticker price. “It is a common industry practice among many automakers to buy production vehicles for testing as soon as they are released” released the company an answer to the report, also adding that sometimes in order to get early access to very popular models it will pay over the sticker price.

Apparently the Model X was originally acquired by Californian coin dealer Wayne Skiles who took it home in search of a quick profit. “The car never came to California. I flew to Chicago, took physical delivery of the Model X, and immediately drove it to a dealer in Chicago and sold it,” he explained. The version owned by Skiles and now passed on to Ford is a white Model X P90D Founders Series that stickered for $144,950. It was actually the 64th Model X produced and has the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade which allows the SUV to snag a 60 mph time of just 3.2 seconds.

Via Bloomberg


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