Report – Ford might come out with RS crossovers image

The second largest US automaker is apparently mulling the idea of delivering a high-performance SUV model to the market, developed by Ford Performance and proudly wearing the RS moniker.

The company’s global director of performance, Dave Pericak, has recently hinted in an interview with the media, “I think customers love performance,” he said. “I think the definition of what that means for an SUV might be different than what it means for a Focus or for a Fiesta. But I think that we’ve seen, even in the U.S. and globally, that people like aggressive-looking cars, they like sporty, they want the power and pickup, and engine improvement, so I think the answer is yes. SUV customers would appreciate performance, for sure.” The manager added he doesn’t feel impressed by the performance SUVs already in existence, and if Ford’s hardcore SUV would get the approval it would be turned into a real performance machine.

“If you look at the SUV market right now, there aren’t too many credible performance SUVs out there,” he added. The rumors have not set their eyes on the possible models to get the Ford Performance treatment – and the best candidate seems to be the Escape/Kuga as it best fits the performance upgrade criteria. So far, the compact SUV gets visual enhancements – in the US through the Sport Appearance Package, while in Europe through the ST Line.

Via Car Dealer Magazine