The Ford Ranger has just been updated last year with a facelift and it appears its bigger brother the F-150 Raptor might serve as the inspiration for a truly off-road inspired version for the midsize pickup.

The F-150 Raptor is a spectacular off-road iteration of the pickup truck America loves and this is why we’re inclined to see this new report pan out – especially if another rumor will become true and the Ranger will once again reach the US shores to fend off against the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. As the story goes, the company might be interested in delivering a Raptor version for the Ranger as well. Ford Performance communications manager Paul Seredynski commented on the rumor and called it a “fascinating idea.” This can’t be counted as a confirmation such a model is indeed in the works but since the recently established division has said last year they would be delivering more than 12 new performance-focused models (and we only have so far the Focus RS, F-150 Raptor, and Ford GT), it appears to be at least plausible.

The Ranger Raptor would make for a compelling fan case if added to the SUV lineup but Ford Performance chief engineer Tyrone Johnson added “everything we do has to have a solid business case” – meaning they wouldn’t build it if it stands to be a money loser. He did go on to say if such a business case would be constructed, the Ranger Raptor “could be considered”. We do know that it would be a long wait if the Raptor version would ever exist – since Ford is rumored to deliver the Ranger back on US soil following the wrap up of production for the C-Max and Focus at the Michigan Assembly Plant in 2018.

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