Report – Ford to halt Romanian B-Max production this month image

According to Romanian daily Ziarul Financiar, who quoted a plant official, the Romanian Ford factory from Craiova will again stop B-Max production in February.

Ford Romania has on its payrolls around 4,000 people and ever since the start of its B-Max small MPV production has been plagued with overcapacity, which triggered repeated temporary shutdowns.

Again because of low demand Ford Motor will temporarily shut down production at its Romanian car factory for four days in February, according to the US carmaker officials quoted by the daily.

Although since last September the company paused B-Max production for several days each month, the company managed to out form the production line a total of 68,000 cars and 250,000 engines in Romania last year.

Ford took the ailing local carmaker Automobile Craiova in 2008 and began production of the B-Max model four years later. According to the report, workers at the car division will not come to work on Fridays in February, while the engine division will not be affected.

Via Reuters