Report – Ford’s new electric car will be a crossover, coming in 2020 image

The Blue Oval is at the forefront of certain technological areas, as it strives to become a mobility provider rather than a traditional automaker – and that means involvement in areas such as the green current, autonomous technologies and car-sharing services.

According to certain studies, Ford is the most advanced automaker when talking about self-driving technology, but that can’t be said about the green segment as well. Although it has a range of hybrids and even a fully electric model – the Focus Electric – its impact in the segment is mostly negligible. The reason is electric models designed as reverse-engineering on a traditional platform aren’t the most attractive options – the world’s bestselling EV is the Nissan Leaf (bespoke platform), the top selling European EV is the Renault Zoe (bespoke architecture) and we all know the flagship EV of the world is the Tesla Model S.

We already know that Ford is looking to develop its own electric platform, and the first model to arrive is reportedly coming in 2020 as a crossover – a very popular form that should help it become relevant. In addition, Raj Nair, Ford’s Chief Technology Officer, said in a recent interview “To get electrification volumes where we would all like them to be we have to make sure we make the affordability targets or otherwise they are going to stay as a niche item or a pure luxury item,” so “We think we have a technology path that will get us a 300 plus miles range and an affordable crossover utility that will be fully competitive,” explained the executive. This means we have some details – it will be affordable, long-range, with crossover body and built in high volumes.

Via Business Insider