Report – Ford’s new “Team Edison” is all about electricity image

The Blue Oval is looking towards the future these days – it just strategically partnered with Lyft on autonomous cars and it’s now reportedly initiating a team focused solely on the development of electric vehicles.

Ford nicknames this new think tank “Team Edison” and according to a report citing an executive of the company, it has been tasked to “think big” and “make quicker decisions,” according to Sherif Marakby, vice president of autonomous vehicles and electrification. The team will even expand its activities outside the Ford company because one of their goals is to initiate electric-vehicle partnerships with other companies, including suppliers, depending on the market. The executive added the group will be located in Detroit and have access to the regional Ford vehicle electrification teams in China and Europe.

“The idea is to think big, move fast and make quicker decisions” on EV production, with Team Edison tasked to “look holistically at the electric vehicle market.” Marakby reiterated Ford’s previous plans to invest $4.5 billion over half decade into electrified models, such as plug in hybrids. The new team also has a new boss – Ted Cannis, who took the new role of global director of electrification.

Via Reuters