Report – From investor, Google could turn out as rival for Uber’s car-sharing service image

Uber Technologies, the largest technology startup implicated in the developing segment of ride-sharing service applications, faces a growing number of threats, from regulatory scrutiny, litigious drivers and well-funded rivals to upfront opposition from taxi and limo service providers.

But, according to a recent report, one of the largest threats could actually be in the back yard – (read board room) and would come from one of its biggest investors – none other than Google. Google Ventures, the search giant’s venture capital unit, put $258 million in Uber in August 2013 as the former’s largest ever investment and then put even more money into the next round of fund-gathering almost a year later. Back then industry experts and analysts believed that Google would partner closely with Uber and even fancy purchasing them entirely. David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development was even given a seat in Uber’s board of directors back in 2013.

Now, according to a person that has knowledge of Uber’s board of directors proceedings, Drummond has informed the ride-sharing service provider that Google mulls the possibility of offering its own ride-hailing application – most likely in close cooperation with its developing autonomous car program. Drummond even showed the other Uber executives screenshots of the upcoming Google ride-sharing app currently trialed by the company’s employees. The source, which declined to reveal its identity because the matter is not yet public, added that Uber is now considering whether to ask Drummond to vacate his position as an Uber board member.

Via Automotive News