The revival of the Alfa Romeo brand is still not going according to plan, with new setbacks pushing the release of models further away, but at least it appears the Giulia is finally on the right track.

According to the latest information concerning the model Alfa Romeo will use the Geneva Motor Show starting next week to introduce in front of the worldwide audience the regular versions of the Giulia sedan. We remember it was in June last year when Alfa presented the top of the line Giulia QV model for the first time and now a report indicates the Italian brand is finally going to showcase the bread and butter versions that appear to have grown long in the making. This will occur during the press preview of the Geneva Motor Show, which is opening its doors to regular visitors starting March 3.

The latest information flying around the rumor mill points towards Alfa Romeo revealing the 2.0 turbo gasoline and 2.2 diesel versions of the midsize sedan. The former would be declined in three versions: 180 horsepower, 250 hp, and 330 hp. The diesel side will only be introduced in Europe and will come packing 135 hp, 180 hp, and 210 hp. Following the Swiss event the Italian automaker is expected to kick off production of the Giulia at its Cassino factory near Rome, Italy – on March 14. American versions will reach dealerships around the third quarter of the year while the first cars will reach home territory dealerships late May.

Via Automotive News


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