The safety officials from Germany are still wary about the safety of Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system and it seems a report coming from the country’s transport ministry has deemed the technology a “considerable traffic hazard.”

This is according to documents leaked in local media, which conducted extensive tests and found there were problems: for example the system sometimes didn’t alert the drivers when the Autopilot encountered a situation the software couldn’t fully recognize and there were also some issues with the automatic emergency braking. Germany’s transport ministry has even responded to media enquiries and said the results are encompassed in a larger evaluation of Autopilot- which hasn’t been finished yet and will include even more tests.

Elon Musk raised the issue earlier this year after calling the Autopilot to still be in “beta” – so the officials considered the system might not actually be ready for the road. Tesla’s CEO estimated the phase would be surpassed once the technology accrued a billion miles of real-world driving. In a recent tweet, the Tesla chief announced the Autopilot has already amassed 220 million miles of street use. The Autopilot fed its detractors earlier this year after a fatal crash occurred while the system was in used – and Tesla seemingly responded by pushing the company’s version 8.0 software, which included numerous Autopilot enhancements among others.

Via Reuters


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