Report – Germany coming out as autonomous promoters image

The European powerhouse is allegedly set to become the first-ever country to allow advanced hands-off-wheel autonomous driving – akin to Level 3 on the SAE scale.

There are new models that can offer their users an advanced self-driving system, capable of taking over entirely in certain situations – but there’s nowhere around the world any country that also has the compatible legislation. We’ve all seen the countless of Tesla Autopilot videos depicting owners doing anything else but handle the driving task – the company has now expressly introduced guards to have people pay attention and remain with the hands on the wheel. According to an interview with Peter Fromm, the Audi large car manager, Germany is expected to allow the use of advanced self-driving functions soon.

“We expect that Germany will allow this next year for specific roads such as the A9 from Munich to Nuremberg,” he explained. “We will only release the technology in countries who have given us permission to use it.” He is referring to the numerous self-driving functions of the A8. The executive added the A8 knows when the car exits the permitted area and will issue warnings for the driver and then switch off. In addition, it seems the Level 3 autonomous function is also taking over liabilities once it’s activated – with the responsibility passing from the driver to Audi.

Via Autocar