Report – Germany plans to expand electric charging stations network image

According to a German Transport Ministry document leaked to Reuters, the largest European automotive market mulls the expansion of its network of charging stations for electric cars.

The government has been struggling to keep up with the intermediate threshold of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plan to have one million battery-powered vehicles onto the roads of the continent’s biggest economy by 2020. The planned expansion of the charging infrastructure would definitely boost the lackluster demand, as customers have been so far deterred by the high acquisition costs up front and then by the concerns that the infrastructure would not support drivers. According to government figures, the sales of battery-operated vehicles have been held back so far to just around 24,000 vehicles- with the total market coming close to 3 million units each year.

“We will set up quick service charging stations along the motorways across Germany,” was also quoted Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt by regional newspaper Passauer Neue Presse. According to the Transport Ministry, Germany has today 100 quick service charging points and 4,800 charging stations and the paper said that German motorway services operator Tank & Rast GmbH was tasked to upgrade its 400 locations with quick service charging stations and additional special parking spots by 2017.

Via Reuters