The largest economy in Europe has decided to turn its eyes on hydrogen cars as well in the bid to secure the green future of mobility, with new funds directed at research, development and infrastructure.

Allegedly Germany’s Transport Ministry has started drafting a plan to invest 250 million euro (about $265 million) in the upcoming next three years to help hydrogen-fueled cars. Apparently local authorities will put to use a funding program to make hydrogen-powered cars easier to mass produce and focus on the necessary infrastructure for refueling. In addition, it seems the government is preparing to embark on a support program for hydrogen cars – similar to the ones seen around the world for battery-operated models – that should go on through 2026.

German authorities have already used around €1.4 billion during the past decade in support of hydrogen autos, and the new investment plan is apparently welcomed by the interested companies, with 500 of them looking to cash in the first part of the funding program. The goals are to make hydrogen cars suitable for everyday life by delivering better range and setting up more filling stations. The plan also includes a bid to lower the prices for hydrogen cars because these are way more expensive than internal combustion vehicles today.

Via Die Welt


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