Report – GM and Isuzu to co-develop emerging markets pickup image

According to a report coming from Japan’s Nikkei business daily, Isuzu and General Motors have signed a partnership agreement to jointly develop and market a pickup model that would reach emerging markets.

Just last week we told you that Mitsubishi and Fiat have decided to ally and have the Italian automaker develop its own midsize pickup truck based on the next-generation L200 pickup. The new pickup truck most likely will become a global offering, as Fiat has lacked a model in this competitive segment for years.

Now, it looks like the pickup market is going to further strengthen, although the Isuzu-GM developed vehicle would take a more regional approach. The agreement between the Japanese automaker and the No. 1 US carmaker stipulates the model’s reach would be emerging markets such as Thailand and Indonesia. The Nikkei report, which didn’t reveal the sources for the information, further stated that the pickup truck would be built in Southeast Asia and India and Isuzu would make the official announcement later on today.

Isuzu and GM have a long tradition of teaming up, with the latter first purchasing a 34% stake in the Japanese maker back in September 1971. Then, GM upped the ownership to 49% in 1999, before Isuzu started reclaiming its shares in 2002. The US automaker now only holds a 12% stake and has already collaborated with Isuzu on a pickup based on the “LCV Platform Engineering Corporation (LPEC)” joint venture.

Via Reuters