According to people close to the General Motors decision factors, the company could soon import the Opel Cascada convertible into the U.S., fitting well into the Buick lineup.

This latest development illustrates how General Motors is attempting now to link Opel and Buick so that similar vehicles can be sold wearing different badges in markets around the world. GM CEO Dan Akerson said last June that he thought the Cascada and the Opel Adam would be a good fit for the U.S.

Opel is eager to export the Cascada to bolster its business, which is now in recovery but has struggled considerably during the recession. The Cascada is loosely based on the Opel Insignia/Buick Regal, and would probably be offered with some of the engines offered in the Regal. GM Opel sources also suggest that Opel may again supply Regals to the U.S., as it did early in the model’s life.

Opel’s Adam minicar would also make an attractive import, but GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky told Automotive News that the current version of the car “cannot be federalized” to comply with U.S. safety and other regulatory requirements. Bringing it in would therefore require either a major re-engineering of the existing car, or developing the Adam’s replacement to suit.

Via Edmunds


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