Report – GM electric strategy: affordable, desirable and with 300 miles of range image

The company recently attended the Barclays Global Automotive Conference and we’re certainly interested in sharing what they revealed there – as it arrives as a page out of GM’s automotive future.

The most important part of GM’s presentation revolved around the upcoming expansion of the electric vehicle lineup from just one model – the 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt. The key arguments of the electrification strategy include things such as desirability, obtainability, profitability and a planned range of more than 300 miles (over 480 km). After the rollout of the Bolt on all intended markets, GM will present an additional two new electric models – one being a crossover – by 2020. Moving on, after 2021 an all-new architecture will be presented and used across brands and vehicle types.

Naturally, affordability for an electric won’t be obtained until battery costs go down, from today’s $145/kWh to less than $100/kWh in the new platform, thus GM aiming for a 30 percent price reduction between now and 2021. More so, the technology naturally improves, meaning there will be cheaper, higher density battery options that will deliver over 300 miles of range on a charge. In addition, as we already know it, GM also has a strong interest in the mobility solutions of the future – car sharing and autonomous drive. It’s logical thus to assume that service providers such as its own Maven or others, such as Lyft, will take advantage of the Bolt and further on the new platform to set up models that offer shared rides in autonomous, electric form.