Report – GM might ditch the Volt in favor of PHEV crossover image

US auto sales have hit the peak and are on their way down again, having been surpassed not only by China but recently also by the European continent – and the only bright light is the SUV segment.

Recently, according to local media, the phenomenon has prompted the United Auto Workers union to enter discussions with General Motors about safeguarding the automotive industry. And the times are dire, at least for nameplates that don’t belong to the SUV community. Apparently General Motors has put under review no less than six passenger cars sold on the US market, including the second-generation Chevrolet Volt plug in hybrid. If the latter dies, there might be a new plug in hybrid electric vehicle on the way around 2022, this time around wearing the body of a crossover.

This is a logical step after all – automakers have to embrace electrification and consumers still love SUVs – so the best way of fulfilling both wishes is to deliver electrified SUVs. The company might even trace back to the 2010 World Expo in Beijing, when it presented the Volt MPV5 Concept, a plug-in hybrid that had crossover traits. In addition, rumors has it the Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Sonic, and Buick LaCrosse might also be on life support due to slow sales.

Via Automotive News