Report – GM ordered ignition switch replacements months before initial February recall image

A report coming from the Wall Street Journal has allegedly uncovered a mind blowing fact: according to email send between the carmaker and the part’s supplier Delphi Automotive Plc, General Motors ordered the ignition switches almost two months before the NHTSA was notified.

While Takata’s airbag inflator scandal threatens to put in the past the recalls worth millions of vehicles (and the greater number of victims) stemming from GM’s early year ignition switch debacle, here’s an incredible twist. According to the paper, General Motors asked for 500,000 units of replacement ignition switches way before notifying the federal regulator about an issue that ultimately led to the recall of 2.6 million cars (and many more millions with a related ignition switch defect). The fact is effectively a game-changer because GM CEO Mary Barra has relentlessly supported the claim that no senior manager had known about the issue until February when she ordered the recall – a fact corroborated by a (now questionable) outside investigation.

According to the Journal, a day after a meeting of senior executives, the company placed an “urgent” order for 500,000 replacement switches on December 18, shows revealing evidence being found in email exchanges from mid-December 2013 between a GM contract worker and Delphi.

Via Reuters