According to a report coming from German business magazine Bilanz, General Motors’ Opel division could soon face labor unrest in Germany as workers grow unsettled over the future production plans for the Corsa subcompact and the Karl minicar.

According to the report, the Opel unions are increasingly unsettled because the US automaker decided to produce the new Karl and its Vauxhall-badged sister-model, the Viva, at a South Korean plant rather than in Germany. Their argument is that the GM unit in South Korea is already at full capacity, while the German assembly facility is currently underutilized. The report further claimed that fears are also growing that Opel might decide to output the sixth-generation Corsa, scheduled before the end of 2020, entirely at the company’s plant in Zaragoza, Spain.

Today, the Corsa model, the company’s best-seller – which has been revealed this year in a heavily revised version – is being produced in Zaragoza and Eisenach, Germany. The updated model is scheduled to enter production at both production locations and then go on sale before the start of 2015. The Eisenach location doesn’t have a press shot and needs to be additionally supplied with bodies in white from the Zaragoza factory and German workers say the Spanish plant already produces more Corsas than initially agreed.

Via Automotive News Europe


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