Report – GM plans to build Chevy Equinox in Mexico image

Yesterday the No.1 US automaker and the United Auto Workers union proudly announced the production shift of the Cadillac SRX from Mexico to the US.

The swing would cater for the creation of some new jobs at a plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee – but the company declined to comment on the job cuts necessary if production decreases at the Mexico factory. It turns out there could be a smaller loss than imagined. A source discussed to Reuters and disclosed that GM could offset the move by also swinging some Chevrolet Equinox production to Mexico. The Equinox is currently being built at the Tennessee factory. According to the person, who has knowledge of GM’s strategy, the crossover production could be partially moved to the Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico when the model gets refreshed in 2017.

The other production shift – the SRX from Arizpe to the Spring Hill plant – could lead to the creation of 200 new jobs at the site in 2016, as GM commented the retooled vehicle assembly facility would need around 1,800 hourly workers. Today, the facility, which has vehicle and engine assembly, stamping and molding sections, needs around 2,000 hourly and contract workers for its daily operations. Of those, the engine plant has 390 jobs.

Via Reuters