Report – GM ready to announce commercial-truck partnership with Navistar image

The US economy is now steady in its advancement, which means there’s rising demand for all sorts of commercial trucks and naturally the sector is evolving and sees former partners or rivals looking for a better position in a booming period.

This year, Ford has already announced it would move to secure in-house production of an all-new line of medium-duty trucks and this might be a good reason for the latest rumor – GM is getting ready to announce a new venture with commercial-truck manufacturer Navistar International to produce the medium-duty trucks across the industry’s Class 4, 5 and 6 classifications. The largest US automaker and the third biggest in the world had been manufacturing such trucks for decades before abruptly ceasing production in 2009 as it went through bankruptcy reorganization and the recession. Navistar has a long history with both GM and cross-town competitor Ford: with the latter a partnership for the Blue Diamond venture that existed for a decade was ended last year.

With a Wall Street Journal story putting the Ford business worth $400 million per year for Navistar, a move to rivaling GM would make sense now that Ford will build in-house the 2016 F-650 and F-750 at a factory in Ohio. The rumored GM linkup with Navistar would be the company’s second move in the sector this month after earlier it announced a partnership with Japan’s Isuzu Motors to deliver a version of the latter’s N-Series “cab-over” trucks, which are a special class of delivery and service trucks with the driver positioned over the engine instead of behind.

Via Forbes