Last week, CEO Mary Barra finally unveiled the conclusion of a 325-pages report on the company’s conduct in the ignition switch recall, which had GM calling back 2.6 million cars – linked to at least 54 crashes and 13 fatalities.

As we already know, the findings of the report shed some light on the at least 11 years turmoil that finally led to the massive recall – with the company blaming itself for a great degree of incompetence and also pointing out that the senior executives were not made aware of the problem.

As part of the report’s findings, the company let go 15 persons, of which very few were named – although we managed to find out that among them are a vice president and two directors. Now, a new report coming from Reuters, who cited two persons with knowledge on the matter, says that among the others there have been identified two attorneys and a quality control executive.

Barra said last week: “some were removed because of what we consider misconduct or incompetence. Others have been relieved because they simply didn’t do enough.”

The two attorneys identified by Reuters (with a total of six leaving, although their boss, General Counsel Michael Millikin, was not fired) are Jaclyn Palmer and Ronald Porter, involved in the settlement of several Chevrolet Cobalt cases that saw the airbags failing to deploy. Besides them, the director of Field Performance Evaluation Maureen Foley-Gardner was also let go of the company.

Via Reuters


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