General Motors, the largest US automaker and the third biggest in the world, is going to rebirth models into the U.S. medium-duty truck market next year by way of using Chevrolet-branded vehicles coming from Japanese truck maker Isuzu Motors.

The two companies will soon make an announcement on the matter, according to people that have knowledge of the strategy, though they maintained their anonymity because the information has not been made available to the public yet. The deal has already been reported by the Wall Street Journal earlier, triggering a share price increase for Isuzu’s stock – up 1.8 percent on the Tokyo stock exchange, while the overall market remained level. The two companies are also long time venture partners, with truck models in the past such as the Chevrolet Colorado pickup, which was then marketed by Isuzu as the i-Series. GM even had a capital alliance going for 35 years with Isuzu but had to divest the stake in the Japanese truck maker back in 2006 as the American automaker began experiencing financial troubles that ultimately led to its bankruptcy restructuring of 2009 under government control.

It is yet unknown how many vehicles the US automaker would get under the new original equipment manufacturing agreement, though of the tally around 80 percent would have diesel engines under the hood and come out of Japanese factories. The sources also added the rest of the stock would be coming from an assembly plant operated by an Isuzu partner in the United States with gasoline engines and be equipped with gasoline engines sourced directly from General Motors.

Via Reuters


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