Report – GM’s internal review focused on legal department image

According to a report coming from the New York Times, which cited two sources close to the matter, the internal investigation aiming to unveil the failures surrounding the ignition switch recall is now focused on the company’s legal department.

Just recently the NHTSA, a federal safety agency that belongs to the Transportation Department, announced it was fining the maximum allowed $35 million for the late response to a problem that was found in 2.6 million cars and was linked to at least 13 deaths. The company, facing numerous federal probes, was revealed to have originally found about the defective ignition switch over a decade ago but recalled the cars in February, even though consumer complaints poured for years.

The Times said that executives, “particularly in GM’s legal department, led by the general counsel Michael P. Millikin, acted with increasing urgency in the last 12 months to grapple with the spreading impact of the ignition problem.”

According to the newspaper, several GM departments increased their coordinated efforts to come up with a fix for the faulty switches, just as documents and new depositions threatened to implicate senior officials, while the company lawyers acted to keep the actions taken a secret from the public, or the families of crash victims.

Via Reuters