Report – Google plans its own version of Apple’s CarPlay image

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems commend most of the smartphone and tablet ecosystem today and it looks like the two rival technology companies aim to move their feud into the automotive sector.

Apple was quick to move – just like it did with the first iPhone and iOS back in the day, but ultimately Google’s open nature of Android allowed it to catch up and become No.1 in many markets. So, the CarPlay system – that brings enhanced smartphone-like functionality – has already been revealed and will soon get a hold of its first car models.

This month though, the heat is on, as Google is slated to unveil its own take on the in-car operating system, which is scheduled at the usual annual software developer conference – according to three people that have knowledge of the project.

The car operating system, known internally as Google Auto Link, or GAL, would be revealed and demonstrated during the June 25-26, San Francisco Google I/O conference. Unlike Apple’s system, which is an incorporated infotainment system, Google’s GAL project is only “projected” – which means using the car’s usual controls and display any Android operated smartphone can be remotely used.

The GAL project is also part of the Google-led consortium that was recently formed – the Open Automotive Alliance, which includes Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and chip manufacturer Nvidia.

Via Automotive NEws Europe