According to sources, Google is already hard at work developing and making the groundwork for the next iteration of the Android Auto software, one that would come built directly into the cars.

Connected and autonomous cars seem to be the future, and the first major steps were laid this year, as both Apple and Google presented their own variants of the traditional car infotainment systems – that would easily allow drivers to enjoy all benefits of their smartphone after plugging it in and linking it with the car. Today, the Android Auto software – which is not even commercially available, yet – requires the owner to use the compatible smartphone together with a compatible car that has a built-in screen to access almost any function of the mobile device directly.

Now, according to a couple of persons that seem to have direct knowledge on the matter, but declined to be named because the matter is not public yet, the technology giant wants to roll out its next iteration of the smartphone and tablet system – tentatively named Android M – together with the capability to source Android Auto directly into the cars. The next major implementation of the smartphone operating system is not expected in less than a year, though.

Via Automotive News Europe


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