We’ve just seen the freshly updated Golf VII out on the street for some months and already reports are coming out about the next incarnation – the eighth generation of the ubiquitous compact car.

We’re pretty sure the eighth generation Golf is going to remain unsurprising in one department – exterior design. We can take evolutionary styling for granted, as it has been the case pretty much since the fifth generation onward. But, oh, there are so many things to talk about other than the eternal spot the difference exterior. According to local media, it seems we’re going to wait a bit longer for the next Golf iteration because of the issues the VW Group has had with the Dieselgate scandal. The new generation might come out in 2019 with enhancements across all areas – save for the design, of course.

It will use an evolution of the flexible MQB architecture instead of a complete new platform, and the Golf VIII is expected to come out lighter by 35 to 70 kilograms (77 to 154 pounds), depending on version. A new design trait – easy to spot this time – would be the choice to use the Golf lettering on the center of the tailgate, just like on the Arteon. The revised mechanical bits are expected to also yield more interior space, along with a more spacious trunk of about 400 liters. We’ll get to see more progress inside, where rumors have the Golf treated to a standard all-digital instrument cluster from the base, with other goodies such as tri-dimensional head-up display and support for gesture controls. In terms of powertrains, a mild hybrid system will appear, while the GTE is set to gain more power and electric range. The GTI and R are also expected to bump power to 250 and 350 hp, respectively.

Via Auto Bild


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