Report – Here’s Seat’s new SUV courtesy of infotainment display image

These days the rumor mill has wings that spread in all directions – even across previously unreachable roams: case in point being the first ever Seat SUV.

The first ever Seat sport utility vehicle has been leaked online via a very improbable source – the debut comes courtesy of an image snatched off an infotainment display. It’s been some time since we heard about the financially troubled Seat division of the German automaker Volkswagen – either from seeing its models included in the Dieselgate scandal – but we’re finally tipped to some good news. This model has been cooking for a very long time – so chances are it has aged properly – but it finally appears the Seat unit is getting ready to unveil its first ever production SUV/crossover. We know the model’s introduction has been scheduled for March’s Geneva Motor Show so the leak might even be orchestrated by the company to raise interest.

Anyways, the model’s design as shown on the infotainment display (!) is just as we expected – no chance any of VW’s assets would dare innovate – but at least the model seems to carry some of the styling cues from the 20V20 concept revealed last year. And the name of the model appears to be “Aran”.

We also have some preliminary specs – the architecture is the well known MQB and the SUV will be 171.7 inches (4363 mm) long, 72.4 inches (1841 mm) wide and 63 inches (1600 mm) tall, with a wheelbase spanning 103.8 inches (2638 mm). Standard is a FWD layout, while AWD is delivered alongside the more powerful engines. Speaking of, the petrol array will have the turbocharged 1.4- and 1.8-liter units while the diesel side will include the 2.0-liter TDI with either 150 or 190 hp. Transmission options will include a standard six-speeder manual or the well known DSG.

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