Report – Highest auto industry profits come from Porsche and Ferrari image

The two companies, according to the latest report, saw some of the best increases in terms of profit last year – which is also the year when Ferrari became “independent”.

Porsche for example took home record sales for the past 12 months of more than 238,000 units – with a total operating profit of €3.9 billion, surging 14 percent above the 2015 level. That amounts to a net profit of $17,250 per vehicle, an increase of nine percent. As comparisons go, rivaling luxury automakers such as Daimler or BMW had a net profit per vehicle of around $5,000 last year. The truth is though none of them compare to Ferrari’s profit, which has been in the stratosphere for years. For last year the Italian exotic manufacturer saw a net of almost $90,000 per vehicle – though this figure also includes figures from other components such as engines, amusement parks, and others, which make up around 30% of its business.

During the previous three years though Porsche has been growing like a champion – annual output has surged by 47 percent, thanks in part to additions such as the new Macan compact SUV – the brand’s most affordable model, and one of its top sellers. “We’re concentrating on delighted customers,” Oliver Blume, chairman of the Porsche executive board, said in a statement. Porsche is expecting even more successful figures from the upcoming new generation 911 and the introduction of the production series Mission E electric sedan in 2019.

Via Bloomberg