Report – History repeats itself: contractor planning Willys Jeep successor based on current Wrangler image

It’s embedded in popular culture – the roots of the well known Jeep Wrangler firmly lye in the hands of the US Army, since Hollywood was so keen on showing the entire world how the brand came to its success.

Yep, we’re talking about those basic, rugged, no-nonsense workhorse vehicles that formed the backbone of the US Army for decades – practically until the equally Humvee came to public knowledge. Since many people still envision the succeeding generations of the Jeep Wrangler as civilian versions of the Army Willys Jeeps, a North Carolina defense contractor wants to make our nostalgic vision a reality. According to a report coming via the Associated Press, Hendrick Dynamics has initiated a project that involves the Wrangler – aiming to convince the Government Jeeps are once more Army “fashionable”. That’s because the report states the US Army is once again looking for a cheap, lightweight, all-terrain, unarmored vehicle that can be easily deployed across a variety of conflict areas around the world.

This sounds like history is repeating itself – back in 1940 they had the same prerequisite requirement – and we’re hoping there will be one slight alteration today: no World War. “We’ve got a really good opportunity to deliver to the Army a highly capable platform at a significantly reduced cost,” commented Marshall Carlson, general manager of Hendrick Dynamics. “One of the best points of the project is you’re starting with such an incredibly capable vehicle which comes right off the line in Toledo.” The project is still in its infancy, but the defense contractor has already modified 12 Jeep Wrangler prototypes – and the US Government is rumored to issue the official formal request for proposals by the start of next year.