The final units of the Australian- manufactured Holden Commodore might become more than collectibles – as they could be fitted with the supercharged V8 “LS9” engine.

General Motors is getting ready to retire the production lines of the Holden brand – and the Adelaide-built Holden Commodore might get a last hurrah as a fair well to Aussie fans. It will not only become a collectible because it’s the final one produced in Australia, but also because it may very well be the fastest and most powerful Commodore ever. That’s because the rumor mill suggests it’s getting ready to host the impressive 6.2-liter V8 “LS9” engine used by the Corvette ZR1 and thus will come with more than 600 horsepower. This high-octane thrill ride will make use of a manual transmission in order to have purists rejoice – and the fact that an automatic wouldn’t survive the power ordeal.

A report last year claimed this model would be branded as the HSV “GTS-R” after the namesake 1996 special edition, it seems it was inaccurate after all. This hardcore version delivered as a limited run model will be renamed in a bid to mark its special status. No more than 250 units will be manufactured and pricing could start at $165, 000, a huge premium over the standard $95,990 GTS with manual gearbox. Interestingly, it appears the cars will be partially built on the Adelaide production line using the regular GTS engine and then be shipped to HSV’s Melbourne facility to have the V8 “LS9” transplant.



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