Report – Honda aims to increase Chinese sold models image

A report coming from Japan’s Nikkei newspaper reveals that Honda is keen on increasing its model tally in China – actually more than doubling the number of nameplates available in the world’s largest auto market.

While the Japanese brands are on the rise, their sales still lag behind rivals like General Motors or Volkswagen AG – after in the recent past political tensions between China and Japan led to a rise in anti-Japanese sentiment.

Now, the Nikkei business daily has reported that Honda aims to double the model car number sold in China over the next two years to try and extend its market share – though the newspaper did not name the sources coming with the information.

The Japanese newspaper said that Honda, which currently is the second largest automaker in Japan and the world’s eighth plans to extend it local Chinese product range to around 20 models in the near future – thanks to increased sharing of car platforms and other major parts between the two joint-ventures it has there.

As opposed to what Honda currently has and wants in the future to sell, General Motors for example – the best selling foreign brand for many years in China – has been selling locally around 40 models and according to Nikkei its sales for 2013 were more than four times bigger than Honda’s.

Via Automotive News Europe