Report – Honda also confident Brexit will not trigger UK leave image

Just like Nissan before them, the folks over at Honda seem a little more optimistic about their business opportunities in a post-Brexit United Kingdom, and expect support for the automakers.

Just like its Japanese rivals from Nissan, Honda has also invested massively for years in the United Kingdom – its plant here is the one that produces the new generation Civic hatchback for every single export market around the world. According to the latest rumors the carmaker is confident it will be able to do business as usual despite the financial uncertainties of a post-Brexit market. “We need to carefully watch currency exchange and sales trends. But we have no intention of withdraw from the U.K. and will continue doing business there,” commented in a recent interview Honda Executive Vice President Seiji Kuraishi. It even appears Honda is expanding its investments with a 200 million pounds ($246 million) infusion into the Swindon, England, assembly facility.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn initially threatened to leave but later after discussions with the government said the new generation Qashqai will remain at the company’s Sunderland, England, plant – and even added the next X-Trail manufacturing from 2020. Kuraishi commented on the competitor’s move by saying there were no incentives received for Honda to continue operating in the UK but said if Nissan gets any help they would like all automakers to benefit from the same aid.

Via Automotive News Europe