Report – Honda believes Takata modified airbag test results image

Following the huge airbag scandal, Japanese automotive safety parts supplier Takata is on the brink of collapse – and that presents a major opportunity for interested buyers.

According to the latest report on the matter, a Honda internal audit (the Japanese automaker is by far the most seriously affected by the Takata shenanigans) has allegedly uncovered further evidence that Takata altered airbag inflator testing results, sending the misrepresented data to the automaker afterwards. The two companies are actually co-financing the investigation, and the final report should represent a better understanding of the extent of the issue. According to audit investigator Brian O’Neill, Takata engineers ditched negative test results before reporting to Honda. “We have found examples of what I would call ‘selective editing,’ where they have left out results not because they were bad results, but because the results that remained were better,” he commented.

So, the preliminary results of the report so far give even more weight to the prior allegations of Takata reformulating airbag testing data. During depositions for lawsuits, the company’s engineers apparently had the same behavior when sending data to Toyota, Nissan, and General Motors. The audit still needs months before ruling a final decision, and the results may compel Honda into recalling even more autos. For now, in the United States alone it has called back 8.5 million vehicles for 12.2 million inflator replacements. So far in the country ten people have lost their lives due to Takata inflator explosions, with nine of the persons being in Honda-produced vehicles.

Via Automotive News