Report – Honda coming out green with plug in and electrics by turn of decade image

The Japanese automaker is a rather secluded proponent of eco-friendly models, given the rather huge disaster of former models when trying to compete with the guru of hybrids – Toyota.

But they do put out one of the few production series fuel cell models on the planet, and according to the latest rumor off the mill while in the near future they are focusing on a new one liter turbo engine, they are also looking at the bigger picture with electric and hybrids planned for the period to 2020. According to an interview taken with European marketing and sales chief Jean Marc Streng, the powertrain technology for plug in hybrids and full electrics will arrive by 2020, first on smaller models. “We have to come with something else to drop emissions and this will come from hybrid and electric,” Streng commented.

He confirmed the new 1.0-litre unit in the latest Civic hatchback has been the top focus until now, “If you look at the potential of the market, it’s still not that important at the moment. It’s more of a priority for us to come with a petrol engine”, referencing the aforementioned engine. The 10th-generation Civic will get its own hybrid version, as confirmed by project leader Mitsuru Kariya – while the first to arrive as a full blown electric might be the smaller Jazz.

Via Autocar